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LU 47 Wellness Program

The Trustees’ for your health benefits along with your Wellness Committee have developed several incentives to encourage members and their families to pursue wellness. This program not only delivers financial savings to each member and their families, it produces a much healthier being. Complete your "MyHealth Questionnaire" before the deadline and decrease your deductibles substantially. This incentive does not apply to participants eligible for Medicare. To view specific details…Click Here

Click Here for directions to execute your UPMC MyHealth Questionnaire

Click Here to log onto www.upmchealthplan.com

Wellness Plan News

March 2013 LifeSolutions Corner
Mon, Mar 25, 2013

Click Here to view  Legal LifeSolutions
Click Here to view Tips regarding Depresssion
Click Here to view LifeSolutions Quarterly Spring Edition

UPMC MyHealth Plan
Thu, Jun 9, 2011

Click Here to view MyHealth Central, the newest feature of MyHealth online.

2012 Wellness Program with UPMC
Thu, Jun 9, 2011

Click Here to view the details for the 2012 Wellness Program with UPMC.

2012 Wellness Resource Guide - UPMC
Thu, Jun 9, 2011

Click Here to view the directions and steps to complete or update your 2012 health risk assessment which is your MyHealth questionaire and directions for talking additonal "Healthy Steps."

Take a Closer Look at Your 2012 Health Benefits
Thu, Jun 9, 2011

Click Here to view "How You Can" learn more about your current health - Receive an immediate personalized action plan to maintain or imporve your health - Indentify a wellness program that fits your individual needs.

Wellness Health Coaching
Mon, Jan 24, 2011

Click Here to view the attached screen prints, from Highmark, regarding Health Coaching.
These screen prints may be helpful when executing your "Coaching" requirement for the Wellness application.

Winning the War on Weight
Mon, Mar 1, 2010

Defining Your Battle Plan with help from Healthy Highlights. Click Here to download the document to help highlight Your Battle Plan.

The Power of Heart Health
Fri, Jan 22, 2010

Click Here to find better everyday choices on how to reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

30 Days of Wellness
Fri, Jan 22, 2010

Take our 30-day challenge. Click Here to download the document containing information on the 30 day challenge.

Thu, Jul 30, 2009

VIEW IMPORTANT QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS REGARDING IMMUNIZATION. Click Here to download the document containing important immunization information.

Get Answers and Information About from your Wellness Resource Center
Thu, May 28, 2009

Click Here to download the document containing information on Wellness Resource Center.

Online Solutions to Wellness Challenges
Thu, May 28, 2009

Once you are registered you will have access to various Health Improvement Programs. Click Here to view the programs that are personalized to your lifestyle.